Piers Morgan should be deported

Did you hear about this? There is a petition to get Piers Moron out of the country. It started when he used the Sandy Hook Elementary School to criticize our gun laws. On his show, he got destroyed by Larry Pratt and Ted Nugent for wanting to amend our Constitution, particularly our 2nd Amendment. How about the fact that the 2nd Amendment was to protect us from British tyranny. Your side lost Piers! Get over it!

Having looked like a fruitcake on that issue, he has taken to look to amend the Bible. Specifically, it needs to be amended to include gay rights. Both our Constitution and Bible are “inherently flawed” says Piers. You want to attack the Bible? How about attacking the Koran as being “inherently flawed”? While Christians may view homosexuality as a sin, Islam views it as grounds for execution. Why not speak of the Koran? Because you’re a chicken-shit hypocrite that doesn’t care about homosexuals!

Mostly, Christians would tend to just ignore your limey ass. The Muslims, on the other hand would hunt you down if you talked about their holy book.

A petition calling for Morgan to be deported from the country posted on the White House website, has well surpassed the 25,000 threshold which requires a response from the White House. At the same time, England has started a petition not to allow him back into England. Maybe, Australia will take him.


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