David Gregory could win a spot on “America’s dumbest criminals”



Meet The Press moderator David Gregory defied gun laws on TV in order to argue more gun laws would be effective. You read that right. Read it again. Then please continue.

David Gregory consciously defied DC gun laws by brandishing a high capacity magazine in order to argue for the need for more gun laws.

Think about this – what is going to make criminals obey laws when our finest, law-abiding elites won’t obey?

Even in the case of making a trivial point, David Gregory may be a candidate for American’s dumbest criminal. He intended to demonstrate what he regards as the absurdity of America’s lax gun laws. Instead, he demonstrated the ever-greater absurdity of America’s non-lax laws. On NBC’s “Meet The Press,” David Gregory brandished on screen a high-capacity magazine. A high-capacity magazine is illegal in the District of Columbia and he knew it. NBC had requested permission from the Metropolitan Police Department to include a high capacity magazine in the segment and were denied.                                                                                            Now, you may say that David Gregory wasn’t planning to commit any crimes.So what? Neither are the overwhelming majority of his fellow high-capacity-magazine-owning Americans. I think if we are serious about gun laws – then enforce them. His investigation, prosecution, and a sentence of 20-to-30 years with eligibility for parole after 10 would teach a far more useful lesson than whatever he thought he was doing by waving that clip under the nose of NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre.

Oh yeah, and where did he get the illegal magazine? His own stock? If not, who’s his illegal supplier?

If he had any moral courage, he would turn himself in and accept punishment in furtherance of his principled stand. That would be something! But the point is, it was not really principled.

Interestingly, it was NRA president David Keene who somewhat defended him. He was asked if he thought Gregory should be prosecuted and responded, “No, I don’t think so… I really think what David Gregory did while he was inadvertently flouting the law was illustrating in a very graphic way, perhaps not intentionally, but in a graphic way just how silly some of these laws are.”

So, let’s face it. He knew that he could get away with this because he’s above the law. A rich, white, middle-aged man with an illegal magazine capable of holding 30 bullets is not a problem. A young black man with the same item – not so lucky.

Or, is it a just another stupid law that’s not enforced? Was the item deemed to be a harmless chunk of metal inside a TV studio. Hopefuly, it wasn’t loaded and Gregory took it home with him. I bet it’s his.


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