Welcome to the New York Circus


Take your pick of which circus to visit today. We have two great ones -the New York Daily News and the New York Jets. For all those that do not live in the tri-state area, the New York Daily News is supposed to be a legit newspaper but it’s really a tabloid.

The Jets Circus has a great ringmaster – Rex Ryan. Usually, a great comment or a guarantee from him gives me a chuckle. But, this time he outdid himself with a tattoo. Now, I am all for tats and have several. But permanently inking your body is serious business.

So, what tattoo does the ringmaster have that got media attention? A tattoo of his wife (good), naked except for a football jersey (better), a Jets jersey with Mark Sanchez’s number (whoa!)

Rex Ryan’s undying allegiance to Mark Sanchez never wavered and this latest revelation makes you wonder why he didn’t start Tim Tebow. Even with the Jets season slipping away and fans clamoring for Tebow, it never happened. I think his credibility takes a big hit and he can’t take any more hits.

On to the Daily News which likes to call the Jets a circus and they are right. Yet, in a week where their are no Jets games scheduled, they had a photographer follow the coach to the Bahamas on his vacation and still end up making the Jets a lead story. Jet fans know the Jets have done plenty wrong, but football fans know that the Jets have become more of a media creation.

There are some great football stories out there. Stories like Manning, Peterson, Lewis and the rookies. Yet, the Daily News wants to talk about a tattoo on a losing coach who would be better at being a reality star than a head coach.

Tattoos are pretty much permanent (I know you can cover them up or laser them off) and I wonder if Rex Ryan thinks he will be a permanent Jet and Sanchez will be the permanent quarterback. If so, I feel sorry for Jets fans. You will not win with that combo.

As I said, inking your body is serious business. I need to decide which Ant and the Aardvark drawing to get.



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