You gotta be kidding me

I was sent this video yesterday where Homeland Security shows possible options to take when confronted by an “active shooter” which is a nice term for a deranged killer. They talk about what to do if there is a shooting at your location. You can run, hide or in their words “you might consider trying to overpower the shooter.” This is where they show a guy grabbing a pair of scissors. Seriously? Overpower a shooter with scissors? And do what? Give him a haircut? I think giving him “the big boy special” might piss him off more.

Maybe, I am supposed to use the scissors to deflect the bullets. You know, like Wonder Woman’s bracelets. That would be cool.

Now, if Rev. Al Sharpton sees this video, he’s going to want me to get a license for the scissors or worse – confiscate them. I’m not trained in scissoring. Although I do know you’re not supposed to run with them.

I’ll tell you what I am not going to grab for if you break into my house – the scissors. Oh, I am not going to ride or hide, either.


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