It’s out there! Monsters and Mysteries in America is a new program on the Destination America Channel and I love it. Season premiere episode featured  Appalachia. Of course, it would. Where else would you find the dreaded sheepsquatch? My friends in West Virginia call it White Bear Man. The other two “monsters” featured the Little Green Men in Kentucky and the Mothman in West Virginia, we’re familiar with them. But, a bizarre mutant beast that’s a crossover between mutton and man? A giant sheep that’s gone savage? They’ve got my attention. What does it look like? “It’s got woolly hair usually white or dirty white, huge jaws and fangs and a tail with no fur on it and stands about 9 feet tall.” It doesn’t sound half man – half sheep to me. More like a polarbearsquatch. I think Dakota and Ricky do a little more than just chew tobacco.

What I liked about all 3 featured stories was that in Appalachia, if you see a sheepsquatch, llttle green men or Mothman, you don’t get call the authorities. You get your shotgun, rifle and machetes and go after that thing. The good ol’ boys got balls. 

I, on the other hand am looking forward to going ghost hunting tonight. I don’t need to be packing to do that. Ghosts can’t hurt you. Can they?

It does exist Image 



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