The IRS apologizes. Did Slick Barry learn bullying from Tricky Dick?


The IRS has admitted what so many of us have known for quite some time. The United States government has engaged in a direct targeting of political groups with whom this current administration disagrees. But hey, they apologized.

Lois Lerner, an agency director, was asked but declined to comment on whether the employees involved were disciplined over the matter. Her apology is not accepted!

What makes this development so troubling is not that the IRS is vehemently investigating claims by nonprofits, that’s great – they are doing their job. However, what makes this troubling is that our government is using the tax-collecting department to victimize those who pose a threat to the current administration.

Before you Obama supporters whine about the great job he’s doing or that he didn’t know anything, I am old enough to remember that this kind of governmental vendetta is not without any precedent. In 1971, Republican (I bash them too) Richard Nixon created an “enemies list.” Its purpose was to victimize the political opponents on it by subjecting them to tax audits and working within the government to influence grants, funding, and various other creative ways to punish the dissenters.

It was an outrage. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now.

This vendetta against conservatism cannot be washed away with a simple apology. This scandal speaks to the true nature of our government today. When simple discussion won’t do, the government is quick, to resort to coercion.

Think about the sheer number of scandals we have seen in four years. Think of all the abuses of power we have witnessed. We have seen the Attorney General dismiss charges at the sentencing phase of Black Panther radicals who stood outside voting stations, intimidating voters with billy clubs. We have seen guns pumped to Mexican drug cartels while the Obama Administration blamed American gun dealers. He’s still blaming us (or is it the U.S.?) We have seen our government leave Americans to die in Benghazi, cover it up and then act as if we are being unreasonable by asking what happened. We have seen billions upon billions of dollars go to government-friendly firms that simply took the money and ran while government officials meagerly proclaim, “Oh, well.” We have seen illegal alien criminals released and the White House shuttered as punishment for cutting spending. We have seen this administration exclude, threaten and punish members of the media who do not offer a favorable narrative.

And now, we are seeing our government admit to the use of the IRS to target conservative political groups and they hope to wash it away with a simple, “I’m sorry; it wasn’t political”? How is it not political when Lois Lerner said that career employees at an Ohio office had plucked out groups with “patriot” or “Tea Party” for additional reviews — a decision she termed an “error in judgment.”???

Obama’s old-school Chicago tactics of intimidation and force must not continue. We deserve a government that works for us, not a government that maintains power through coercion and intimidation.


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