Obama has the Sergeant Schultz Syndrome


For those old enough to remember, there was a television show on CBS called Hogan’s Heroes. A character in the series named Sergeant Schultz had the main catchphrase of the show. When confronted by evidence of the prisoners’ covert activities, he would simply look the other way, and state “I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing – NOTHING!” to avoid being blamed.

Our President has Sergeant Schultz Syndrome. One after the other, the scandals of this administration break and President Barack Obama feigns ignorance. He didn’t know guns were walking to Mexico. He didn’t know that Benghazi was not caused by a video. He didn’t know he was lying when he repeated his claim “the video did it.” He didn’t know the Internal Revenue Service was targeting Tea Parties and other groups that don’t support his agenda. He didn’t know his own Department of Justice was stealing the phone calls of a major news organization.

He didn’t know. He didn’t know. He didn’t know. He didn’t know. He’s supposedly a smart man, and he didn’t know.

During the run-up to the election, the media reported ad nauseam of Obama’s superior intellect. He attended college at Occidental, Columbia University and Harvard School of Law. He was first an editor and then president of the Harvard Law Review (or so he says).

“Brilliant guy” they say. Yet, when it comes time to own up to his responsibilities, of his Presidency,of what is happening under his watch, he’s strangely absentminded.

Obama’s sycophants will no doubt rush to his defense. He couldn’t know everything going on, they will say. It’s the gun dealer’s fault. It’s Eric Holder’s fault. It’s some low-level IRS department heads’ fault. It’s the media’s fault. It’s George W. Bush’s fault, Dick Cheney’s fault. It’s the Tea Party’s fault. It’s John Boehner’s fault. His latest blame is it’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault.


Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.” Bill Clinton was content to pass the buck to Janet Reno. Obama doesn’t know where the buck has gone; he just knows he doesn’t have it. He always blames someone else when he’s caught in the corrupt mess he created.

Do not doubt me that he’s corrupt. Obama’s problem is that now even the mainstream media can no longer ignore it. His thuggish ways are hitting them too close to home (wiretapping AP’s phones, threats to whistle-blowers, threatening reporters who don’t toe the line, siccing the IRS on reporters who dare to ask tough questions). By ignoring it, they’re losing what little shred of credibility they have left.

Obama’s a thug. It worked in Chicago but we can not let it work for America. He uses the politics of personal destruction and he doesn’t care about collateral damage. He’s Tricky Dick with better-fitting suits and a teleprompter.

He is responsible for his failures. But Mr. and Ms. Obama Worshipper, don’t tell me anymore how smart he is. For if you believe he is, then he proved he is incapable. Or maybe, he just doesn’t care. Or, worse, he is doing this intentionally.


One thought on “Obama has the Sergeant Schultz Syndrome

  1. My money is on intentionally. They are taking us down from the inside…I have no doubt…and he leads them. he certainly isn’t leading us. “The devil will come in sheeps clothing”…. I think he has arrived!

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