Are Marines To Be Used As Umbrella Holders?

Did anyone else happen to see/hear Obama’s speech and get upset? When I watched it, I had to comment.

“Why don’t we get a couple of Marines, they’re gonna look good next to us” says Obama. I thought to myself, “No, Sir!” He should have said “I am going to look good next to them.” That’s me though.

And, should he be using them as personal servants? Doesn’t he have butlers to do this for him? Didn’t he or anyone in his staff know the weather forecast? Well, probably not, because the catchphrase for this administration is “I didn’t know.”

Couldn’t they have set up an awning if he is afraid of getting wet? If our Marines can get wet in their dress uniforms, then he could put up with a little rain. I understand it’s the Marines job to protect you, but from enemies not the rain!

Twice, he said “our Prime Minister”. He is not ours, he is Turkey’s. Although seeing their Islamic flag next to our Old Glory makes me wonder why Obama said what he did. Our Prime Minister? My ass!


God bless the United States Marines. You were the best 2 people up there today.

Finally, I would like you to watch the video a second time and let me know how many times he stutters and stammers in only 36 seconds. The man is totally lost without a teleprompter.



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