Two sex offenders challenging Suffolk law. Cry me a river, you whiners!


Two dirtbags are challenging a new Suffolk County Law that intensifies monitoring of sex offenders in my county. Man, am I pissed! Troy Wallace and Carlos Perez have some nerve. Both of them are scum-of-the-earth convicted registered sex offenders.

Here is what the crybabies are suing about. The Community Protection Act was passed unanimously by the County Legislature on February 5th. These two predators recently filed a complaint in U.S. District Court in Central Islip against County Executive Steve Bellone, police Chief of Department James Burke and Laura Ahearn, Ms. Ahearn heads Parents for Megan’s Law, the nonprofit agency that will monitor these pervs over the next three years.

The plaintiffs allege that the Community Protection Act violates their civil rights by authorizing police and Ahearn’s group to develop sex offender “watch lists” without reason. You two are convicted registered sex offenders. That’s the reason, dumbass!

So, what does the law exactly do? Our police department, with help from retired law enforcement officers working for Parents for Megan’s law will conduct regular checks on registered sex offenders to ensure they’re reporting correct addresses. The law also authorizes Parents for Megan’s Law to monitor offenders’ online activity on the county’s behalf and to develop tools for citizens to report violations. That is very little for what you sickos have been convicted of.

Wallace cries, “They’re creating these trackers to watch us as if we’re currently demonstrating criminal behavior,” Damn right, we are watching you! You were convicted of sexual abuse -1st degree. That’s a nice way of putting what you really did – raping a 15 year old at gunpoint. Do you know what else pisses me off about this guy and should piss off every Suffolk County taxpayer? He resides in Suffolk’s East End trailers for homeless sex offenders. Our tax dollars!

If we are paying to put you in a trailer, we have the right to watch you. The victim has the right to know that you are being monitored.

Finally, you’re supposed to be homeless. Who’s paying the POS attorney that took this frivolous case?


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