We, The People.


The following is a statement of fact and not my opinion:

The Obama administration has been spying on journalists and using the government to impede, if not punish, its opponents.

The questions we must ask and deserve answers to are:
1)How extensive are the blatant abuses of power? 2) How far up the chain does the abuse go? 3) What are we going to do about it?

We’re supposed to believe that top Treasury and White House officials knew about it, and never said a word to the president. It’s possible, but seems improbable.

In addition, if the scandal which took place (when Obama was in the midst of a close election) had been known by the public, would the election outcome have been different? To this, I say it probably would have and this is why the scandal and cover-up should be important to all of us.

We now know that the Obama Justice Department secretly obtained a wide swath of phone records from the Associated Press and Fox News. This abuse of power violated privacy and press freedom.

It was just reported that Attorney General Eric Holder personally approved the spying on a Fox News reporter and the reporter’s parents. Whether you like him or not, whether Obama likes him or not, he has got to go! He should go to jail but, at the very least, he can no longer be trusted to be our Attorney General. Folks, he is the head of the United States Department of Justice and he became the only cabinet member in our history to be held in contempt of Congress.
His handling of the New Black Panther party, his inability to prosecute financial institutions and now his department secretly acquiring months of phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors add to the reasons.

The problems with the IRS and the Department of Justice scandals is that they’re almost becoming too big to comprehend. In the IRS scandal, as many as 500 groups and individuals may have been targeted for delays, harassment and audits — some for the mere act of publicly supporting a candidate other than Obama. Other groups and individuals that have been targeted for punishing by the IRS were for their religious beliefs or for touting the Constitution.

Now, think of this. Obama comes from a background of “community organizing” for liberal causes, but his administration has attempted to prevent conservatives from organizing. His tactics were clearly designed to demoralize conservatives, reduce their ability to raise funds and organize in advance of the election.

His method of governing by destroying your opposition and controlling the media reminds me of a different form of government. One my parents escaped from.

We have a two-party system so one can act as a check on the other. Republicans in Congress need to get to the bottom of these things, particularly the IRS scandal.

Both parties need to understand that they serve this country, not any particular leaders.

I ask, what kind of country do you want for you, your children and your grandchildren? One in which they will be punished for their beliefs? We, the people deserve better.


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