I want my constitutional rights back, and I want them ALL!



When it comes to the government monitoring and ultimately STEALING your data, it is good to keep things in perspective. 


In doing so, If an American senator is going to quote a Nazi, is it a far stretch to compare what the government is doing to Nazism? One of the major elements of Nazism has been described as allowing domination of society by people deemed superior, while suppressing society of people declared inferior and those said to be a threat to the nation. 

Case in point, the IRS intimidation of Tea Party groups suggests to me that this government is more interested in persecuting American citizens, than it is interested in persecuting terrorists. Also, the intimidation of AP reporters suggests, this government is more interested in intimidating the press, than in the free speech of the press.

Many of us believe, “If I’m doing nothing wrong, I have nothing to fear.” But, data can be manipulated, especially by the one controlling all the data.

Admittedly, when the DHS was formed and America got the Patriot Act, timing was everything, and I wanted the government to have all the power it needed to get those Muslims bastards who killed almost 3000 Americans.

Now I see this administration – our present government – for what it really is…a monster.

Our government officials are so drunk with power, they are doing anything to keep it.

The argument is that having all our data stopped terrorist attacks, yet it didn’t stop the Tsarnaev brothers. And they were practically advertising their goals!

In 2001, the government made a major life changing decision in a time of turmoil, grief or fear. Today, our government still chooses to take advantage of those emotions to abuse their power. Seizing phone records of millions of INNOCENT people is excessive and un-American. That’s something the Nazi’s did.


2 thoughts on “I want my constitutional rights back, and I want them ALL!

  1. Hitler’s Aryanism was certainly an element of Nazism but I tend to view its appeal more as an element of class struggle. It appealed for a reason – there was an identifiable subset of the Caucasian race that had gained an oppressively stifling upper hand. I see Hitler’s often inconsistent polices regarding the Jews – as many as 150,000 served in all levels of the military, for example – as proof of this as but a means to unify; Hitler’s Aryanism was a tool of politics, part and parcel of recruitment strategy, at a time when there were as many as thirty separately competing political entities. And today in America there is certainly this impression of very similar sentiment – political correctness voices the cry of Aryanism, in the reversed labeling of evil, as a means to empower.

    I think we would be very foolish to assume in light of the IRS, AP, electioneering fraud, etc. that those empowered with the ability to invade privacy will always act ethically to limit activities to acts to the scope of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

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