Whose side is Obama on?




I don’t think much has changed since Obama was a young man.



Here’s why,


For a dozen years, American troops fought to remove the Taliban from power and to cripple al-Qaida. They fought to create safe ground for American allies and hostile ground for American enemies. But, thanks to the Obama administration, it appears that their blood may have been spilled in vain.

 As of this week, the United States of America is allying with the two main forces behind Sept. 11: We are sending guns to al-Qaida in Syria, and we are entering into bilateral negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes announced last week that President Obama had decided on direct U.S. military support to the Syrian opposition. That opposition is led by a terrorist group whose leader pledged fealty to al-Qaida’s leader in April. Nonetheless, President Obama explained, “the distinction I make is between extremists and those who are recognized in a 21st-century world that the way the Middle East is going to succeed is when you have governments that meet the aspirations of their people, that are tolerant, that are not sectarian.”

How is al-Qaida non-sectarian and tolerant? It isn’t. It was recently reported that the al-Qaida rebels hacked off the head of a Christian and fed him to dogs. Yet, Obama is expending our American tax dollars to help beheaders.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, President Obama is preparing bilateral negotiations with the Taliban. This is the same Taliban that chopped the heads off two young boys, aged 10 and 16, for supposedly accepting food from police in exchange for information. This is the same Taliban that still embraces shariah, and still holds an American soldier captive. And yet this week, the Obama administration celebrated the opening of a Taliban office in Qatar. President Obama himself said that the office opening was “a great first step toward reconciliation between the Taliban and the current government of Afghanistan.” Yeah, right!

I know there are no easy solutions in Syria and Afghanistan. Both countries are plagued by tribal violence and sectarian warfare and have been for a thousand years. It will never change. The Obama decision to get involved by backing the very people who slaughtered thousands of Americans on Sept. 11 is more than shortsighted. It is a ground shift in the American government’s mentality with regard to the war on terror. It is basically saying “we surrender.”

These Islamists are at war with the West and specifically, with freedom. They are creating brutal regimes that persecute women and non-Muslims. Yet, Obama supports them.                                                 Will they ever surrender? No. But, we don’t need a president that helps them. 



So, we have a president who was raised a Muslim, bows to a Saudi king (or is it to Islam itself being Mecca is in Saudi Arabia?), wants to arm Syria (will he do background checks?) and wants to negotiate with terrorists that killed 3000 Americans on 9/11. Remember what  their countrymen back home did after this  happened? They celebrated in the streets. 

I will mourn for people I never met, while Obama gives our money and guns to cowards that hate us. Whose side is Obama on?



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