Mayor Bloomberg Needs To Be Evaluated By Professionals

Everyone knows I have no love for the this idiot. For those not familiar with this holier-than-thou mayor, Google his name with the word “ban” and you’ll get a host of items. His latest victim – sparklers. 

This may become a thing of the past. Celebrating July 4th in the 50’s:Image

Sparklers are used at birthday parties, weddings and when I was a child, we used sparklers on our Christmas tree. I’ll be damned if I let this dictator ruin any of my holidays. I will buy them out-of-state as will many other freedom-loving Americans. Neighboring states will get millions in revenue while New York City’s mayor punishes his own merchants. 

For Bloomberg, children being allowed to play with sparklers on the Fourth of July in parts of the state where he has no jurisdiction is an intolerable excess of liberty. His tyrant credentials are impeccable.


Americans living in New York City have to deal with him. But, now he wants Governor Cuomo to veto legislation that would legalize the sale of sparklers outside New York City. His argument is that terrorists could resort to using sparklers to ignite a bomb.

Done laughing? Yes, this idiot believes that terrorists will either make a bomb out of sparklers or use it to ignite a bomb?

Here’s where he truly shows his stupidity: YOU NEED TO IGNITE A SPARKLER FOR IT TO WORK! What’s next? Lighters, matches, incense sticks? Where does his nonsense end?


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