Any time you read “The Obama Administration announced on Friday…” it can’t be good.

Obama’s view of America Image

My view of America  Image

Yesterday’s Newsday had the heading “New rule for eagles, energy”. Unfortunately, after reading itshould have read “Obama administration gives certain companies permission to kill or maim eagles.” But, this truth would be too harsh for this liberal rag. That’s why I’m here.

Although bald eagles were removed from the endangered species list in 2007, they are still protected under two federal laws. But laws mean nothing to Barack Obama. Is it kickbacks from the wind power industry that allow them to kill our national symbol without fear from prosecution? Oh, and he has made the industry safe from prosecution for the next 30 years. Isn’t it great that Obama has provided legal protection for the life span of wind farms at the expense of our national symbol.

The Associated Press documented the illegal killing of eagles around wind farms and the Obama administration’s failure to prosecute such cases and its willingness to help keep the scope of the eagle deaths secret. He has overstepped his authority and given preferential treatment to an industry breaking our laws

His message at best – ” Do not step (or fly) in the way of my green energy policy. At worst “Screw your laws abd the national symbol of the United States”


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