Warren the Sapp dissing Michael Strahan? Well, you can’t fix stupid.

Warren Sapp was good at certain things – blindsiding opponents, skipping among opponents as they warm-up, getting ejected from games, unsportsmanlike conduct, paying fines and being a big mouth. That’s on the field of play. Off the field, the man has had issues such as domestic battery, IRS debt, not paying alimony or child support, selling his Miami Championship rings and Super Bowl ring, getting his house auctioned off and being a big mouth. He is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

But, here’s where he shows us New York Giant fans just how truly stupid he is. Regarding Michael Strahan, he told Neil Best of Newsday “I don’t think his résumé stacks up. When you really measure him up, he comes up short.” Really, Warren? Let’s look at the facts. Let’s measure him up against, I don’t know? How about you?

You are a 7 time Pro Bowl selection, so is Michael. You are a 4 time First-Team All-Pro, so is Michael. You are a 2 time Second-Team All Pro, so is Michael. You were a Defensive Player of the Year once, so was Michael. You each have a Super Bowl ring.

What other stats can I use? How about tackles? Warren Sapp has 573 and Michael Strahan has 854. Forced fumbles? Warren Sapp has 19 and Michael Strahan has 24. Quarterback sacks? Warren Sapp has 96.5 and Michael Strahan has 141.5.

Quarterback sacks is where Sapp’s original ‘feud’ with Michael started. Michael Strahan holds the single season sack record. In the final game of the 2001 season, the Packers quarterback fell down and Michael Strahan fell on top of him for an easy sack. Some have accused Favre of taking a dive to let Strahan get the record. Others say it was a legitimate play and that Favre fell to avoid getting creamed. But, what did Sapp want Strahan to do? It’s not Strahan’s fault that Favre went down like he did, but Sapp is not intelligent enough to blame the right person. Even if you take that one sack away, Michael Strahan still has 44 more sacks than Warren Sapp.

So, who belongs in the Hall of Fame. Add up all the facts and I say it should be the man that still has his Super Bowl ring.


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