Who’s a bigger joke – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or KISS?

OK, everyone knows the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum is a joke. The nomination process is controlled by a few individuals who are not musicians and reflect their personal tastes rather than views of the rock world. Members of the British punk rock band the Sex Pistols who were inducted in 2006, refused to attend the ceremony, calling the museum “a piss stain” and “urine in wine.” Having visited this poorly designed pyramid of ‘rock and roll’ items and memorabilia, I didn’t notice piss stains or urine in wine, but I did see a lot of crap.

Which brings me to KISS.

Rock band wallpapers kiss wallpaper

I believe they should have been enshrined in the HOF since they were first eligible in 1999. However, they weren’t even nominated until 2009 and are not inducted until this year. The fans that have supported them over the last 40 years must be thrilled, only to find that these larger-than-life rock stars (read Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley) have announced that no version of the band will be performing at the event. This is what these 2 clowns have said:

“It is over thirteen years since the original line-up has played together in make-up and we believe the memory of those times would not be enhanced.” Really, asshole number one? I recently watched Paul and Ringo reunite for a few songs and that was effin awesome.

“Kiss has always been a band unlike any other. Being unlike other bands also means making choices and decisions unlike other bands. We have decided not to play in any line-up, and we will focus our attention on celebrating our induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.” Really, asshole number two? You are exactly like any other band that’s already in the HOF and there are hundreds of them. You are four guys that made some great songs, got some breaks and put on a great show. Oh, and by the way, having seen you guys a couple of times with the original members, you are not ‘the greatest live band’ like you think you are. For me, in the 70’s Alice Cooper was the greatest show I ever saw and today, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra blows you away.

Sadly, they’ve become a joke over the years as they decided to concentrate on merchandising instead of music.

KISS Condoms - 144 Paul in Cookie Jar

They could have gotten together for this one night to play a hit or two – for their fans. KISS have gone through personnel changes. Eric Carr is dead. Mark St. John is dead. Life is short. Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, both original members who were a big part of the success of the band are still here and willing. I understand current members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer are better musicians and have been with the band since 2002. You want to honor them – do a song with your current line up. Hell, bring back Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick and do a song with them too. That would honor all the members and please your fans.

Or, Paul and Gene,

you can continue to be assholes number 1 and 2.

R.I.P. Mark and Eric. You are no longer part of the Psycho Circus.


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