Have you heard of Stephanie Neiman or seen a picture of her?  Image


Probably not, because the media is focusing on the botched execution of her killer instead of the loss of this girl’s life. His picture is in all the papers, so no need for me to show you this four-time felon. 

It is truly disturbing that The Washington Post and in turn, my Newsday, print the heading ‘White House: Execution inhumane.’ In their eyes it may have been inhumane. In mine, it was successful. They chose to print a photo of the girl’s killer (not her though) and devoted eight paragraphs to poor Clayton Lockett and how his execution was not conducted humanely. Only one paragraph mentioned the victim – here it is in its entirety:

Lockett was convicted of shooting Stephanie Neiman, 19, and watching as two accomplices buried her alive in 1999.

The simplicity of it purposely doesn’t make him sound like a bad guy. Here’s what I dug up and I am not a reporter. Clayton Lockett and two accomplices beat her and bound her hands and covered her mouth with duct tape. After being kidnapped and driven down a dusty road, the poor girl was forced to watch as Lockett’s accomplice spent 20 minutes digging a shallow grave in a ditch beside the road. After a single shot, the gun jammed and Lockett went back to get a shotgun. She begged for her life as his accomplices laughed about how tough she was before shooting her a second time. He then ordered his accomplice to bury her, even though he was told she was still alive. That, to me, is the news and should be reflected in the article.

If you want to see what else this criminal did,  Here’s his rap sheet. The media wants us to feel sorry for him. Not I.

It was reported it took 43 minutes for him to die and that he was unconscious (lucky him!) the whole time. Something had gone wrong after all three drugs were administered. However a vein had “ruptured” and the drugs were not having the “desired” effect. The desired effect in my eyes is that he be taken out and I don’t care how – lethal injection, gas chamber, hanging, the guillotine or electric chair. His cause of death was not the lethal injection but a heart attack.

Does anyone really care if the execution was not perfect? Not I. Does anyone care that he may have suffered (even though he was unconscious)? Not I. Maybe, he should have been shot twice and buried alive.

What we should care about is the victim and her family. I care that this 19 year old’s family had to endure the last 15 years knowing her killer was alive while their loved one was dead. I can not imagine losing a loved one the way they did. If it ever happens to me, I would volunteer to inject the drugs, turn on the gas, switch on the electric chair.

I can’t help thinking about the world losing a young woman from murderous criminals, and how they didn’t care at all about making her execution swift and humane.


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