When Is A Band No Longer A Band?

So, my niece gets in touch with me the other day to ask a question. “Dad wants to know if you want to see Quiet Riot, Bulletboys and Faster Pussycat at the Paramount?” My reaction was –HELL YES!” “It sounds like a fitting musical performance that I would like to attend.” Then, I realized it wasn’t 1986. Damn!

But, it still could be a great show. I looked up who is still in each band. Original Bulletboys has 2, Faster Pussycat has 1, and Quiet Riot has 0. Only 3 out of 13 guys – wow!

Quiet Riot was formed in 1975 and Frank Banali has been with them since 1980 and somebody has to own the name of the band. But, the drummer? Just kidding. Frank’s a great drummer and has been in a quite a few bands I like. But, am I seeing Quiet Riot?

As for Faster Pussycat, there are more guys in this band from The Newlydeads which was basically L.A. Guns. Therefore, am I really seeing Faster Pussycat? I don’t think so.

Which brings us to the real reason (I am sure) my brother wants to go – Bulletboys! I still listen to their music but haven’t followed them since their 1993 release Za-Za which was so-so. But, we love the vocalist and he’s still with the band. Maybe, it’s worth the bucks. One wonders if he can still hit the notes 26 years later. You may say “Mick Jagger is still doing it and he’s 70.” To that, I would respond “Mick Jagger sounds the same because he can’t sing. He couldn’t in 1964 and he still can’t in 2014.”  Don’t get me wrong. I love the Rolling Stones and I love Mick Jagger. He may be the greatest frontman of all time and is a great songwriter but as a vocalist (admit it, would he make your top 100? Not on my list.) – he sucks.

So, why am I not going? Guns N’ Roses convinced me. How? I just saw G N’ R Live At The Hard Rock. Similar to the above bands, they are down to only 1 original member – the vocalist – Axl Rose. He can’t sing anymore and I would say at least half of the songs were lip-synced. He did such a clumsy job at it that it took away from the great musicians in the band. If you can lip-sync with replacement musicians, still call yourself a band and charge for a live performance, I’m not going.


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