Welcome to McFuneral’s – Please pull up.

You want fries with that? No thanks, I just want to see Grandpa.

Have you heard about  the Saginaw funeral home that offers a convenience for some mourners?  A drive-through viewing window.

The Paradise Funeral Chapel has installed a window that displays a body inside the building. Curtains over the window automatically open when a car pulls up, and mourners get three minutes to view a body. Talk about a peep show.

How convenient for mourners to be able to pull up wearing flip-flops and shorts, cranking up Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne singing “Close My Eyes Forever” and then on to another drive through. You don’t even have to listen to the whole sing because it’s 4:44 and you only get 3 minutes before they give you the boot so the next lazy bastard can get a turn.

Seriously, can you get any more impersonal? Instead of thinking of yourself and your very busy day, how about making time for the family of the deceased. They may need and appreciate the comfort of having their friends and family there in person.

When paying your last respects, how about actually showing respect? If you can get in a car and get to the funeral home, then get out of the car and go in the building. Offer your condolences, give a family member a hug, say a little prayer and share a story or favorite memory. Say goodbye and don’t do it through bulletproof glass.

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